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French & organic Premium Mixers

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French Premium Mixers to enhance 
your cocktails!

You are a spirit lover, but you can't find the right Premium Mixers for your cocktails ? 

At Hysope, our team of epicureans strives every day to provide you with an extensive selection of high-quality French and organic Premium Mixers

Our added value?

The authentic and slightly sweet tastes of our four Tonics and our Ginger Beer. French and proud to be, we are enthusiasts of bold flavors. At Hysope, we have character and every flavor promised is kept !

Our aim ? 
To provide you and your clients the best cocktail experience. Simply put.

Fancy a try ?

Are you a lover of fine spirits but can't find the right Mixers for your cocktails? At Hysope, our team of epicureans strives every day to bring you a range of high-quality, French and organic Premium Mixers.

French & Organic
Premium Mixers

Our Tonics and Ginger Beer have bold taste to enhance even the simplest cocktails into genuine pleasures and to pair seamlessly with a wide range of spirits.

in France

Our recipes are created in Grasse, produced in Normandy, steered by a Bordeaux-based team, determined to bring you nothing but the finest !

and organic

At Hysope, every recipes are organically certified by Ecocert, with short ingredients lists and free of artificial flavors and sweeteners. 


Authentic flavors without compromise that will enhance your cocktails without ever overshadowing the spirits 


An intense and fine bubble that persists over time, for long-lasting cocktails !

Our cocktail menu

Our range offers an infinite number of possibilities: from timeless classics to signature cocktails and the latest trendy creations... A great selection to personalize your cocktail menu!

They are already fans

That's what they say !

According to me, a mixer' sparkling is crucial, it's what makes the difference! Hysope is great at mastering the bubble.
Jérémy Lauilhé
- Best Craftperson in France - Bartender 2023
Working with Hysope's team was a pleasure. They are diligent, attentive and highly professional.
- Sales Promotions Manager at France Boissons  
When clients express their dislike for gin, we initiate them to a  Malouin's Gin Tonic with Hysope Original Tonic Water and instantly they change their persepctive!
Thomas & Charlotte
- Founders of La Distillerie de Saint-Malo and Malouin's 

A team of epicurious

A sparkling and dynamic team at your disposal ! Every day, our pretty band of food-lovers criss-cross France to meet you and help you discover Hysope Premium Mixers.

Looking forward to meeting and sharing our passion with you!

Team photo Hysope

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