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The origin

Hysope : the beginning of a new adventure...

In 2019, our founder, Mériadec Buchmüller, had a (brilliant) idea : to create a high quality Premium Mixers brand to match with his favorite spirits. At that time, cocktails era was booming, but Mixers were too sweet and from Anglo-Saxon brands only. Yet, taste is a french affair, isn't it ?

Convinced that a "worthy cocktail" must include the right Premium Mixer, Mériadec launches the creation of 4 Tonics and 1 Ginger Beer recipes. The choice to be French and organic was obvious. He carried with him a clear vision: to reinvent Premium Mixers by giving them a real French spirit and an inimitable taste. Hysope's journey began...

Hysope, much more than a simple brand...

Hysope is a community of epicureans who love to have fun and savor every moment with delight. We genuinely believe in the importance of taking the time to savor, to live and to find magic in every shared moments.

Join us in this tasty adventure and enjoy every unique experience with Hysope ! We're glad to have you on board to illuminate your days, make your drinks sparkle and clink ! 

Cheers !
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added value

Made in France

Recipes created in Grasse, produced in Normandy with organic beetroot sugar from North of France. Steered by a team of Bordelais determined to bring you nothing but the finest. French authenticity in every sip!

Natural and organic

Organically certified by Ecocert since our inception, choosing organic ingredients was a no-brainer for us. Short ingredients lists and free of both artificial flavors and sweeteners.

Bold  flavors

Our Premium Mixers are crafted with the highest grade of natural flavors, enabling you to enjoy the true taste of the ingredients bold, authentic flavors, and low sugar that will enhance your cocktails without ever overshadowing the spirits.

An intense bubble

An intense and fine bubbles that persists over time, for long lasting cocktails! The perfect weight to enhance the flavors of both our mixer and your spirits.

A team of epicurious

A sparkling and dynamic team at your disposal ! Every day, our pretty band of food-lovers criss-cross France to meet you and help you discover the Mixers Hysope.

Looking forward to meeting and sharing our passion with you!

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